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What I learned losing $150 on package forwarding

I recently read several great books. One is What I learned losing one million dollars on how to avoid irreversible losses in the stock market. It inspired me the title of this post, in my search to rationalise the (much smaller) amount I lost trying to save money with package forwarding.

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Country UNblocking – what matters

Simulated location using CyberGhost

Whenever you need to appear to be browsing from another country, TunnelBear and Hola! are valuable options. I looked into these two in this previous post. I then tested CyberGhost (this cool image left) which is another interesting solution. But are these the best options and what are the alternatives?

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Unblocking web content is easy – getting started

Once naive, I discovered there was a place called Netflix where you could watch TV shows & movies anytime, anywhere. Anywhere, really? I was welcomed with this message:


I love this thing where they’ll inform you when the service finally becomes available over here in Africa. 

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Y’all need a few addresses in the US – episode 4

I shared my package forwarding comparison for France in the last episode. Would the result be the same whatever the country I select? You know the answer, of course, so here are the charts for three other countries scattered around the world. The rationale behind these charts is explained here.

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Y’all need a few addresses in the US – episode 3

As often, moving from Africa (previous episode) to Europe gives  you more options. Searching for package forwarding companies to France introduced me to several other companies. I came accross a comparison site that had not been updated for a while, but that provides a longer list of companies as of 2012.

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Y’all need a few addresses in the US – episode 2

So after stumbling upon the concept of package forwarding and the doors that this could open (episode 1), I did some simulating on a few of them. The scenario was simply to send a 2kg package (20x20x30 cm) here to Morocco, however long that might take. 

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Y’all need a few addresses in the US – episode 1

One thing I do right is eating. Anyone who’s known me for some time knows that I like to eat, and more importantly I like to eat a lot. Now with years going by, I’ve added a tweak: I like to eat a lot of healthy foods. I turned to paleo a few years ago after spending a whole year reading thousands of pages about what and what not to eat.

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