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What I learned losing $150 on package forwarding

I recently read several great books. One is What I learned losing one million dollars on how to avoid irreversible losses in the stock market. It inspired me the title of this post, in my search to rationalise the (much smaller) amount I lost trying to save money with package forwarding.

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7 best VPN providers for a Life Without Borders

I’ve been visiting a great deal of VPN services recently, which was quite an interesting journey. The journey goes from the US-based company with the ultra fashionable website claiming they’re the worldwide best, to the guys in Eastern Europe with a not-so-up-to-date website informing you that, well, it already works pretty well,

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Country UNblocking – what matters

Simulated location using CyberGhost

Whenever you need to appear to be browsing from another country, TunnelBear and Hola! are valuable options. I looked into these two in this previous post. I then tested CyberGhost (this cool image left) which is another interesting solution. But are these the best options and what are the alternatives?

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Unblocking web content is easy – getting started

Once naive, I discovered there was a place called Netflix where you could watch TV shows & movies anytime, anywhere. Anywhere, really? I was welcomed with this message:


I love this thing where they’ll inform you when the service finally becomes available over here in Africa. 

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Y’all need a few addresses in the US – episode 3

As often, moving from Africa (previous episode) to Europe gives  you more options. Searching for package forwarding companies to France introduced me to several other companies. I came accross a comparison site that had not been updated for a while, but that provides a longer list of companies as of 2012.

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Order from China before everyone starts doing so – episode 3

So what did finally happen after my initial enthusiasm in episode 2, ordering the cheap phone I was looking for on a Chinese website? Well, I received the phone and it works. However, it took me 7 weeks alltogether to get to this point, and here’s why.

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Y’all need a few addresses in the US – episode 2

So after stumbling upon the concept of package forwarding and the doors that this could open (episode 1), I did some simulating on a few of them. The scenario was simply to send a 2kg package (20x20x30 cm) here to Morocco, however long that might take. 

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Order from China before everyone starts doing so – episode 2

Based on my wanderings in episode 1, Dubai would be the place to shop for a 4” Samsung smartphone. But even at 150€, it’s 3 times the budget. What exactly do I expect to find for 50€? Maybe a clone of the one-line-display yellow Ericsson phone I used around 2000?

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Order from China before everyone starts doing so – episode 1

My son loves playing with phones. He owns two Blackberries, an office phone and two very colourful phones which say the number in German when he presses a key. He just got as a present the Fisher Price phone on wheels that I had when I was his age, and I’m not sure he’s figured out it fell in the same category.

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