Y’all need a few addresses in the US – episode 4

I shared my package forwarding comparison for France in the last episode. Would the result be the same whatever the country I select? You know the answer, of course, so here are the charts for three other countries scattered around the world. The rationale behind these charts is explained here.

The differences here are striking. Clearly, and not suprisingly, Morocco is just not a market for most package forwarding companies. It’s like they’ve left the country in the list just in case a guy like me comes over with $100 to spend on shipping. And some really don’t make you feel welcome:


What stands out? Bongo US is a reasonable option, while Shop and Ship is the cheapest express solution (tested here) and Shipito with airmail is the cheapest overall solution if you’re in no hurry and if the contents is “loosable”. Reship is reasonable but why choose USPS shipping when there are other options available? The rest, in my scenario, are too expensive, so unless they really have an option that’s interesting for you, I’d choose from the ones I’ve just listed.


Latin America, on the other side, is definitively a market for package forwarders, even to a great but modest country like Bolivia. The game here appears to be in the hands of Latin America specialists. Punto mio is one and Transexpress is another one. Still, Bongo US remains competitive and others offer reasonable prices too. Here, I’d look at the specialists and compare their service and reputation.


To Indonesia, prices begin getting rational. I actually suspect it would be even more so if I tested with Singapore or Hong-Kong as a destination country. In this Indonesian context, however, I’d take all the companies around the $40’s (Bongo US, Borderlinx, ComGateway, MyUS, ReShip, Shipito, USA2ME, USAbox and Viabox) and compare them based on service and reputation. I’d also test the cheap airmail option on a cheap test delivery, considering the price difference as an insurance in itself (my personal logic…).

I translated this data into a guide, right here.


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