Y’all need a few addresses in the US – episode 1

One thing I do right is eating. Anyone who’s known me for some time knows that I like to eat, and more importantly I like to eat a lot. Now with years going by, I’ve added a tweak: I like to eat a lot of healthy foods. I turned to paleo a few years ago after spending a whole year reading thousands of pages about what and what not to eat. The side result of this choice is that I use a few supplements for stuff that doesn’t exist in our food anymore, at least not anywhere close to the quantities we need. One example of these is magnesium.

Here where I live I’ll find magnesium tablets at the pharmacy, the kind doctors order you to take over a few months when they’re short of a better idea. What I’ll find there is not what I’m looking for, and as a rule I’m extremely careful with whatever a pharmacist suggests I should choose. I’m also aware that the supplements market is a complete jungle in which maybe 1% of the products are really good for you. So after a lot of exploring, I’ve figured out that this brand and product is, as far as my knowledge, the best current choice.

Supplements are an American thing. They’ve swept other parts of the globe too, but the US is the place to go for the largest choice and the lowest price. The closest place to home where I can order what I’m looking for is the Netherlands, at this great store. The price of a pack of 3 is 84€. The Netherlands being the size it is, they of course ship internationally, including to Morocco for 24€. So my total would be 108€, which is a reasonable price for a 9-months supply. Reasonable, but not low, as this is not the only thing I use. For low we need to go to the source.

One strange thing about shopping in the US is how much  you feel that the country does not need the others. Which means that international shipping is often a problem. On amazon.com, for example, the cost for a pack of 3 is $63.50, around 46€. That’s a big difference. What occurs however when I naively try to use my “overseas” address is this:


 So how do we get around this? By using a package forwarding service. What is this? A company that will give you an address in the US to which you can have your stuff delivered to. Once the package gets to this intermediary address, it is forwarded to your address anywhere in the world. The first time I came accross one of these, it had an immediate need to own a few of these. I therefore started exploring and found out that they are quite of few such companies, and that the variance in price is pretty abnormal. You can’t just choose one that looks good and suppose the others will be at about the same price, you really need to shop around. I started here, and I’ll write later about this related service. These are some of the services I looked at:


 After some simulating with my simple criteria (the lowest price possible, whatever the shipping speed is), one clearly sticked out, with another one right behind.

Continued here.

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