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7 best VPN providers for a Life Without Borders

I’ve been visiting a great deal of VPN services recently, which was quite an interesting journey. The journey goes from the US-based company with the ultra fashionable website claiming they’re the worldwide best, to the guys in Eastern Europe with a not-so-up-to-date website informing you that, well, it already works pretty well,

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Country UNblocking – what matters

Simulated location using CyberGhost

Whenever you need to appear to be browsing from another country, TunnelBear and Hola! are valuable options. I looked into these two in this previous post. I then tested CyberGhost (this cool image left) which is another interesting solution. But are these the best options and what are the alternatives?

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Unblocking web content is easy – getting started

Once naive, I discovered there was a place called Netflix where you could watch TV shows & movies anytime, anywhere. Anywhere, really? I was welcomed with this message:


I love this thing where they’ll inform you when the service finally becomes available over here in Africa. 

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