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My 6 concentration hacks

Your office is ready! The Starbucks manager at Casablanca’s train station turned over to me with a large smile. The couple that had been sitting at my usual table near the power outlet had just left, and the manager had spotted me. I cracked a joke on Starbucks indeed being my office,

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French Paradox? Meet my young 80-year-old father

Interested as I am in ancestral health principles and traditional wisdom, and always in search of proof that aging sick and fat is avoidable, I read about stories from far far away, maybe from some insect-eating primitive tribe or from some white-and-blue-island in Greece, stories in which old men and women age gracefully as a result of their whole lifestyle.

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Heart Rate Variability (HRV) – The Magic Number

I love tracking. My phone has several tracking apps. I sleep with my phone on my bed for tracking my sleep. I measure my fasting glucose levels on a regular basis. I remember myself sitting at the bar of the long gone Tout Va Bien in New York City when I was 20-something,

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